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Why I Vape

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Say no to Combustion.

There is a growing undercurrent within the cannabis community. Pardon my speech but the “Fuck combustion” movement will soon be in full swing growing parallel with legalization. I personally have an affinity for the ability of modern vaporizers to not only coax better flavor from the sacred herb but it’s great ability to promote cannabis as a health product. Without combusting organic materials there is less irritation and ease on lungs. In fact, professional athletes are now claiming the health benefits of vaporizing cannabis.

Which is why I enjoy introducing people to the plant in a safe, approachable way. This evening I have invited a few people to enjoy a tasting and experiencing a broad mix of concentrates. I tend to lean toward the VapeXhale for its controlled “convection” style heating and pure glass pathway. It also holds a high end “Hydratube” glass piece which further conditions and cools the vapor.  I have had some of the tastiest hits possible because of this piece.



There’s excitement in the air, my friends have brought over some Hashy Larry’s sugar. Hashy Larry is well known for the “Live Resin” badder. Live resin known for being High quality BHO that uses either fresh or fresh frozen herbs. The flavor has a unique freshness on the tongue. I sneak a peak and notice  it has a bright orange Julius look and  texture. As my friends and I surround the coffee table filled with concentrates the buzz is evident on everyones face.

   I plug in the VapeXhale.
The VapeXhale has a beautiful glass hydratube that creates a mesmerizing bubble effect.
This evening isn’t entirely recreational, not entirely educational, but wholesomely medical. The pairings and cannabis concentrates we “dab” or in this case vaporize have become my main medium for medication. Gone are my days of rolling my evening spliff.
Everyone looks around excited to open the jar of hash, a kin to a friend tapping a keg for the weekend bash. small starter hits of Live Resin are delicately placed into the quartz nail then dropped into the chamber. The water vapor chamber fills in with  white vapor silky smooth clouds.  Many Vapexhale users refer to this as “milk” for its resemblance of fresh milk filling the chamber. White as snow and as flavorful as taking a bite out of a fresh orange. Everyone sits back as we open a card game to enjoy the medicine kick in.
The high roles in almost immediately, brightening the evening in zesty limonene fashion. The overall feedback on this strain is, “giggly euphoria. ” There were several returns to the vape on this strain as it quickly became a crowd favorite.

“The taste alone, is its own experience”

E. Palacios Local Artist.


 Next on the list was Dabface raw, which is devoid of flavor – Highly recommend their “Silver Haze”, and OG Jack for terpenes – , so we dip it in some IVXX sugar. This particular terpene rich sugar is categorized as blueberry has an unparalleled flavor profile. Everyone is a little flush from the last course but we are opening the brie so the sugar is welcome to balance the savory flavor of the cheese. The counter balance of the sweet and the savory are a delight. We sit back as wisps of vapor surround us, dancing above our heads like little angels.
We debate over whether to play a haphazard game of gestures or to all binge watch the new show
“Stranger Things’ with our newfound lack of motivation we loudly opt for Netflix.
A buzz in the room quickly erupts as we open up a fresh pack of Elevated Extracts fresh pressed Rosin. This will definitely be the closer. Our nightcap of the evening. Rosin is a simple product as it generally uses two effects for extraction.
As we cozy up and begin the show with glazed eyes and child like enthusiasm. We exhale a nightcap of lemon ginger tea and Key lime pie Rosin is the last thing I remember tasting before dozing between shrieks.
Because of their attention to quality Nug Run has partnered to bring better priced VapeXhales to our patient community. Interested in getting a VapeXhale? Have any questions?
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 A spread of naturally flavored cannabis distillate oil. One of the new emerging hydrocarbon concentrates that is known for high yields of THC. These natural flavors add natural terpenes after processing and are quite tasty.


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The uplifting Citrusy Terpene.

A Terpene Walked into a Bar..

        I’m sitting in a rustic whiskey bar, and across the crowded picnic table seating, a beautiful girl says to her friends “ I don’t know why, but I love citrus in any drink.”
“Limonene” I say out loud with a smile. The group of girls look at me oddly, like the freak at a bar who talks to himself. I lean in and say politely to my seat mates,
“What if I could scientifically prove why you love citrus?”
I am most definitely met with blank stares but continue. “You see this lemon peel?” as I point to one of the girl’s glasses. “That lemon peel is magical, it is rich with a compound called limonene.”
I move in headlong, continuing the conversation which includes my personal experience and the power of terpenes. The conversation that transpired between us on that evening is one that I have had time and time again. Terpenes, the chemical compound found in everything from citrus to hops, is the new unknown frontier of both medicine and foodie alike; and we have barely scratched the surface of it’s full potential. In short, terpenes, which are found in lemons, are also the aromatic compounds found within our cannabis. The terpenes such as limonene work in tandem with cannabinoids and our endocannabinoid system to help relieve different symptoms we may feel or even evoke new and often positive bodily sensations.
As the charming girl leaned in and chose to sit next to me, I began to unpack my reasoning and observations regarding people that enjoy both limonene and citral notes within their food and how this translates to cannabis. The terpene limonene is a natural anxiety relief that creates a positive mood and its elevating effects are what draw us in. It is like when you squirt a lemon, words like ‘bright’ and ‘clean’ come to mind. The aroma and ingestion of limonene when smoking works to calm your nerves, and let’s be honest citrus tastes amazing whether it be in a drink or within your cannabis. The effect of limonene can be profound, especially for those of us who need to be uplifted.
Limonene: A Positive Revelation
          I actually believe terpenes saved my life. Years ago, before my terpene and cannabis journey began, I was sitting in my apartment alone. It seemed I was watching dust collect on my midtown, middle-class bachelor lifestyle. Unhappy, I had insufferable chronic insomnia, and even worse I didn’t know why. One weekend I was invited to a private BBQ at a friends house.
It was at his house I was introduced to a new iteration of limonene I had never met. Her name was Super Lemon Haze, and she was sun grown in my friends back yard. My friend’s father grew this strain every year and it was an introduction I will never forget. During our time together, which lasted a few days, we packed our vaporizer and let the flavor and medicine wash over us. This particular limonene-heavy strain sent me on a rocket ship of positive thought and clear energy that transcended the blood/brain barrier in resounding fashion. This revelatory experience eventually changed my life.
Life Restarts with Citrus Undertones
          My experience with Super Lemon Haze, and in particular the terpene limonene, led me to research the chemical makeup of terpenes in cannabis. It started me thinking about the relationship terpenes have with the ‘entourage effect’ and their significance on both the mind and mood of those who consume it. Through my research, I began to understand a great deal about how the chemical compounds within the cannabis plant help and support our dynamic systems.
 Looking back now, that was a breakthrough year for me. In a short time I decided to become an entrepreneur, which led to the most successful year of my career. I also broke free from depression and insomnia. Later that year, I lost 25 pounds got in great physical shape and started rock climbing.To be honest, I believe I am a product of the revolutionary effects of medical cannabis; it literally turned my life around. So, you can call me a sucker for citrus, but I say cheers to terpenes and all the positive benefit that flows from them. Interested in a VapeXhale? Click here to get 10% 0ff!